Remember to submit your Moth Night 2012 records

Moth Night 2012 (Thursday 21-Saturday 23 June) has been and gone in a whirl of wind and rain. However, with three nights and three days to record on, most people will have found some reasonable conditions.

Please remember to visit the Moth Night website and follow the link to register and submit all your sightings via the new online recording system.

Over 3000 sightings have already beeen submitted across Britain and Ireland, but there must be plenty more Devon records still to come.

Although the official deadline isn’t until the end of November, getting your sightings in early will help the Moth Night organisers and ensure that you don’t forget.

Many thanks for sending in your sightings!

Moth Night 2012 event at Paignton Zoo

Moth Night 2012 event at Paignton Zoo

Get involved in Moth Night 2012

This year’s national celebration of moths and moth recording takes place this week. For three days and nights, from Thursday 21st – Saturday 23rd June, moth recorders and the public will be out and about looking for moths across Devon, and the rest of the UK.

The theme this year is the moths of brownfield sites, so some people will search the abandoned quarries, disused railway lines and other wildlife-friendly brownfield sites in the county. Such sites are important for moths, butterflies and other wildlife, but generally under-recorded and often threatened with redevelopment.

Disused quarry

Disused quarry rich in wildlife

Anyone can get involved to help improve our knowledge of moths in the county and Moth Night 2012 is a great opportunity to make a start. Note down your sightings of moths, day or night, whether from your garden, a brownfield site or out in the countryside, and submit them to Moth Night via their easy-to-use website.

You can also come along to one of the events taking place in the county, where experts will be catching moths, to find out more about these beautiful insects.

For a list of events that are taking place, as well as how to submit your sightings, visit

Moth Night 2012 is organised by the wildlife magazine Atropos and the charity Butterfly Conservation, in association with the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.