Devon Moth Lookup Table

The Devon Moth Lookup Table (Lookup Table or DMLT for short) is a special spreadsheet to help people record their moth sightings. Its aims are:

  • To simplify the process of entering data from moth sightings.
  • To provide moth record data in the form needed by the county moth recorder.
  • To check the moth’s name and correct it if necessary – for example it may have changed genus or there may be a spelling mistake.
  • To allow moth name entry in various forms.
  • To show Butterfly Conservation’s gradings for micromoths which indicate the ease of accurate identification and any proof required.
  • To give other relevant information.


A User Guide explains how the DMLT can be used and how it operates which can be accessed by clicking on the symbol in the User Guide tab of the spreadsheet.

Two versions of the table are provided – one for Microsoft Excel and the other in Open Document format for use with, for example, Open Office. A user guide to the Lookup Table is also available.

The DMLT has been tested and used exhaustively by several ‘guinea pig’ moth recorders, but I’m always happy to receive suggestions for improvement. Contact details are given in the User Guide.