About us

Devon Moth Group was formed in 1997 and its main aim is to encourage the study, recording and conservation of moths in Devon. The Group is a membership organisation open to anyone interested in moths. Members receive regular newsletters and an Annual Report and are welcome to join in Group activities, which include:

  • A programme of Field Meetings during the year, which provide a great opportunity to visit different sites, see a great variety of moths and meet fellow enthusiasts.
  • Indoor meetings during the winter with guest speakers
  • Recording moths from garden traps and out and about in Devon (the Group has obtained permissions to record moths using light traps on various pieces of land throughout Devon).
  • Special projects focussed on particular moths, e.g. threatened species.
  • Collation of moth records by the County Moth Recorder into the county database to improve knowledge and support conservation.
Child looking at privet hawk moth on its hands

Children usually find moths exciting and amazing

Devon Moth Group currently has over 120 members, including some who live outside the county. We cater for all ages and levels of expertise, from the very beginner to the expert, and anyone who comes to our events will be made welcome. Events provide an excellent opportunity to learn from and ask questions of the more experienced members present. Families are very welcome at our events – children usually find moths exciting and amazing.

The group plays an important part in increasing awareness of the beauty, diversity and importance of moths and in encouraging recording moths.

Observing and recording moths is interesting and fun, but records also provide a vital foundation for conservation. We work in partnership with other organisations to promote the conservation of moths in the county.

Devon Moth Group is overseen by a Council, elected by the members at the AGM. Members of Devon Moth Group Council 2018 are Nicola Bacciu (Membership & Distribution), Phil Dean (Ordinary member), Richard Fox (Chairman), Barry Henwood (Recorder), Roy McCormick (Secretary/Treasurer), Rob Price (Publicity) and Rob Wolton (Conservation).

Membership costs only £8 per year for an individual, so please join us to help continue this work!

Scarlet Tiger moth

A Scarlet Tiger moth